My Pier One CopyCat

Well, i'm done. i'm pretty pleased with the results. It's certainly not exactly like the original, but it's close enough to make me happy and i think it accomplished what i was going for in my dining room. Here's a reminder of the original:

And without further ado, here's my copycat of the Pier One bird painting using my very minimal painting skills and my die hard obsession with FELT:

On a rather depressing side note, i was in Pier One a couple of weeks ago and what do you think should be staring me down as soon as i opened the door? Of course, it was THIS painting, well not this one of course, the real one! The one that i painstakingly looked months for and was finally told that it was "out of season" and I shouldn't be expecting it to return to stores! All i wanted to do was take the associates aside and explain what i had gone through over this painting and to show them the pictures of my recreation (that really paled in comparison once i finally got to see the original in person!) Sigh. Well, i couldn't buy it, not after all it had put me through. I'll just hold onto mine for a while and then perhaps, i'll move onto something else.

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  1. Oh Lisa! You did such a good job! Who need Pier 1? Perhaps is was destiny that you didn't find the actual painting until too late. It opened up a whole new world of creativity opportunities! Who would of thought (besides you) of creating a "painting" with felt!