*Meet Ellie and Mae, Sisters

Ellie is fun and happy and full of energy. She wants to be involved in anything and everything going on around her. You never know what she's going to say but you can be sure that it will make you laugh!

Ellie is your typical little sister. She simply adores her big sister, Mae. She follows her everywhere she goes and tries imitate her every move. To Ellie, Mae is the smartest, most beautiful creature alive. As much as Mae finds her little sister's antics annoying, she can't help but love her in that special way that big sisters love little sisters.

Mae is sweet and out-going and a great student. She has a lot of friends, but only a few that she considers true blue. She tries her hardest to be a good example to her little sister because she understands that that's what big sisters do.

*Made by Amanda, for EmmyCake

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