A Welcomed Addition

For those of you who are keeping track, last year was a great and FUN year for EmmyCake. I've seen alot of growth and stayed pretty consistently busy (except for November and December--I was CRAZY busy those months!!!) One of my favorite moments of the year was collaborating on the Halloween line with my dear friend, Amanda. It's great working with someone who understands what I'm trying to achieve, creatively. I'm very impressed with what we can accomplish when we put our heads together. That being said, this gal also has some spunk in attempting her own crazy ideas exploring the wonders of my fav fabric: FELT! I'm happy to announce she'll be joining EmmyCake as a Designer!
Amanda and I have similar taste, but different ways of execution which I think will be a GREAT addition to the EmmyCake name. I asked Amanda to say, "Hello" and tell us why she *hearts* felt.

Hello all you felt lovin’ friends! I’m so excited for this new venture with Lisa into the beautiful world of felt…I hope to only increase your love with some of my creations…I love how versatile felt can be…plus it’s just plain FUN! The way it feels, the colors, not to mention all the delectably cute things you can make with it!! I'm excited to show what I've made and I hope to keep the felt love alive!

Take a moment to welcome Amanda to the EmmyCake family and be sure to check my Etsy shop for the "Amanda for EmmyCake" tag.

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