Something Spooky This Way Comes

I joined forces with my good friend, Amanda, to produce a Halloween line for EmmyCake that I am super proud of. Take a look at these stinkin' cute Trick or Treat bags (who am I kidding, I'm pretty sure I am going to be carrying one around for the next few weeks as a tote!)


Winnie is a sassy little sweetie who could charm the treats from even the stingiest of ghouls. Be careful, she doesn't always get her way by "playing nice;" this little witch has got a few spells up her sleeve.


Horace is quite the mischievous monster. This little rascal is usually up to no good. With him on your side you are sure to have more tricks than treats!


Wendall is the friendliest little spider you'd ever meet. There is nothing creepy about this eight-legged creature. You would never scream if this little guy crossed your path. He'd hardly hurt a fly. But, hey, a spider's got to eat!


Greta is the smallest, meekest ghost you'll ever meet. She has a hard time spooking anyone because she is just too cute. You have to listen closely to even hear her say, boo!


No Jack-o-lanterns here, it's Just Jack. Just Jack is a very content pumpkin--not a worry in the world. He's just accepted his lot in life and knows that it's just a matter a time before some big kid comes along and smashes his face right in!


Eddie is a sly little bat. He's quite the charmer and many have fallen victim to his cunning ways.

Bags are made with stiff Sturdy FELT which means they are reusable. They have wooden handles for durability and an expandable opening for easy access to your Halloween loot.

I hope you will pass this important info on to your friends! ;)

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